Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE!

The Passion Fruit of Purposed Pursuit

What is Purpose without Passionate Pursuit?

Find the Answer NOW!

      • Who Am I?


      • What is My Purpose in Life?


      • Am I Worthy?


      • How Can I Be Faithful?


      • What is Love?


      • Is GOD Real?


      • What Do I Have to Offer?


      • Can I WIN in Life?


      • What is Prayer?


      • How Do I Forgive?


      • What Am I Doing Wrong?


      • Why Me?

The 366 Day Affirming Guide for YOU!

Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE!

The Passion Fruit of Purposed Pursuit:

  • The Purpose of GOD!


    Posture 01

  • SELF Pursuits!


    Posture 02

  • Passion for OTHERS!


    Posture 03



    Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE!


    This is no ordinary book of affirmations! Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! quickly facilitates formidable transition toward betterment by adding interactive tasks and journal prompts into the coaching process. Purpose-driven readers become impactful change agents in their own lives through daily application of this intuitive life guide! If you’ve ever wondered why your daily recitations seemed grossly ineffective, look no further-your solution is HERE!

    • Product Description

    What is Purpose Without Passionate Pursuit? Find the answer NOW!

    With “Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! The Passion Fruit of Purposed Pursuit,” Coach D Nicole releases the first of many in her forthcoming Change Your Posture series. These affirming books and workbooks cater to those seeking to find and PURSUE their purpose in life. Audiences include young and matured men and women from all backgrounds and experience levels. This series is sure to cross societal divides and bring introspective readers together with a host of additional aids that can be found on the series site:

    To get the MOST out of this set, readers are encouraged to facilitate learning through engagement by joining groups, partners and friends for discussion of the information included within. Coaches, counselors and teachers should use these books to draw out depth in connection and to effectively increase the personal awareness of the reader. Leaders will find this book useful as the tasks and journal prompts create clarity during goal attainment. What can this book do for YOU?!

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